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Launched on April 1st of 2010, 20 years since the close of the 80's, 80sChristianMetal.com is a continuation of our youtube channel that offers around 80 albums worth of Christian 80's Metal in the form of public Playlists.

What is Christian 80's Metal?

There are many genres and sub-genres of Rock music. Heavy Metal is a genre. 80's Metal is a sub-genre. Some 80's Metal Rockers were also Christians. Some of these Rockers rocked for Jesus. Their music is referred to as 80's Christian Metal.


During the 80's, Christian Metal was also called "Righteous Metal" and "Heavenly Metal". In the 80's, Christian Metal was, and to a lesser extent is still known as "White Metal". Christian Metal was called "White Metal" in contrast to "Black Metal" because "...the music serves the purpose of offering a positive alternative or counterbalance to secular metal music which is known for its generally dark message."


Melodic Metal, or Melodic Power Metal are sub-genres of rock music that are so closely related to 80's Metal, that these newer Christian bands are sometimes included on this site.

Featured Artist: RECON

RECON - Could Vett Roberts sing higher and fuller than Geoff Tate of Queensryche?

We suggest visiting our youtube channel and listening to a track called Light The Fire. I'm afraid that this is the highest full-voice metal song I have ever encountered. 80'sChristianMetal has a special gift for the man who posts a video reply of himself singing it full-voice.

Download Featured Artist: Sacred Warrior's Discography

Sacred Warrior is letting everyone download their entire albums from their website for free. This is very generous of them. For this, and for being one the greatest hard-hitters with convicting lyrics, they are our featured artist. Sacred Warrior is a heavy Eighties Christian Metal Band that sounds like Iron Maiden. The singer sounds like the singer for Barren Cross.

Featured Artist: Venia

Venia also has some free downloads on their website. They are another new metal band from Finland. Like HB, they shred on guitar, sound 80's, and have sincere, straight-shooting, simple, and unmistakably Christian lyrics.

As of 01.12.2010, it looks like they are recording an album around LA, and it will feature many great 80's Christian Metal legends. Bring back the costumes!


Mike Grato, bass player for RECON Rare RECON CD's Now Available!
3. 10.2010
Mike Grato, bass player for RECON, is selling super-rare original RECON CDS! There are only a few RECON songs on YouTube, and they only had 2 albums. If you ever had a tape I know it's worn out.

Image Novella CD hard to find!
I read a Youtube post that someone paid $60 for one CD. It is $30 used on ebay. I do not have a hook up for you yet like I do with RECON. Novella guys, somebody, please contact me! Why pay so much? The two live videos on YouTube Do We Just Surrender, and Give me Love will explain.

Image Maximum costume!
This video's slideshow of Holy Soldier's various costumes found them to be more glamourous than Stryper.

ImageHot Metal Summer !
3. 13.2010
Its been 30 years, so its safe to call it "Retro" and admit it: You love 80's Metal! Join Us! Be one of the first to start the trend back to the most outrageous, fun, and upbeat times. We hereby declare this Summer as the Hot Metal Summer!

ImageStryper Crossing Over?
3. 13.2010
Will Stryper's next album will be Cover Songs?

Those of us who have already caught their latest tour may be lucky. Will some tour dates be cancelled?

Find bands you like!

Find Christian 80's Metal Bands that you might like with our LIKE chart.

If you like:
This 80's Metal Band
You may like:
These 80's Christian Metal Bands
Iron Maiden Sacred Warrior, Jacob's Dream Heavy-Metal
QueensRyche RECON, Haven - Your Dying Day, Age of Darkness, The Sacrificed Heavy-Metal, Progressive Rock
AC/DC X-Sinner, BloodGood -Out of the Darkness, All Stand Together To Germany w/ Love, Detonation Heavy-Metal
Ratt Stryper - Against the Law Glam and Heavy-Metal
Dream Theatre Darkwater, Balance of Power,7 Days Progressive Power-Metal
Metallica Deliverance Heavy-Metal, Speed Metal
Bon Jovi Soldier Glam, Hard Rock
Judas Priest Messiah Prophet - Master of the Metal, Saint - The Mark, Crime Scene Earth Heavy-Metal, Classic
Van Halen Guardian Hard Rock
Van Hagar, Winger Novella: One Big Sky, A Liquid Earth Hard Rock
Quiet Riot Bride Silence is Madness Heavy-Metal
Warrant, Cindarella Holy Soldier Glam Rock
Megadeth Seventh Avenue Speed Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal
King Diamond Seventh Seal Power Metal, Death Metal
Def Leppard Whitecross Glam Rock, Hard Rock
David Lee Roth Ken Tamplin, Magdallan - Big Bang Glam Rock, Shred Metal
Nitro RECON Glam Speed Metal
Motley Crue Petra AOR, then Glam Metal
Rush Tritan Progressive Rock, Heavy-Metal
Yngwie Malmsteen Rob Rock, Impellitteri - Screaming Symphony, Answer to the Master, Screaming Symphony, Wicked Maiden Power Metal, Melodic Metal
Journey Angelica - Walkin in Faith, Rock, Stock, & Barrel, Time is All it Takes Hard Rock
Steve Vai David Zaffiro Shred Metal
Guns n' Roses Traxter Hard Rock, Glam
Dokken Straightway Hard Rock, Glam
Evanescence HB Viking Metal, Power Metal,
Enya Iona - The Circling Hour, Open Sky, Dunes, Woven Cord, Heaven's Bright Sun, Journey Into the Morn, Beyond these Shores, The Book of Kells Celtic, Progressive Rock
Twisted Sister Neon Cross, Leviticus - Setting Fire to the Earth, Knights of Heaven Hard Rock
Skid Row Fear Not Glam
Billy Squire, White Snake, Blue Murder Red Sea - Blood Hard Rock
Badlands Laison - Hard Hitter Hard Rock
Dio Driver- Sons of Thunder Melodic 80's Metal
Yes (90125 era) White Heart - Tales of Wonder, Freedom, Inside Powerhouse, Highlands AOR, Hard Rock
Helloween Theocracy Progressive Power Metal
King's X, Kansas Mehida - Blood and Water, The Eminent Storm melodic symphonic progressive metal
Fate's Warning Majestic Vanguard - Beyond the Moon Power Metal
Dragon Force Random Eyes - Eyes Ablaze, Invisible Melodic Metal/Rock 
Queen, Jon Oliva (Savatage) Audiovision - Focus, Narnia - At Short Notice, Enter the Gate Melodic Metal
Poison Rage of Angels Glam Metal
Korn Brian "Head" Welch - Head Nu Metal

Check out Christian 80's Metal Bands like these and more at http://www.youtube.com/80sChristianMetal. There are over 70 Playlists.

80's Christian Metal Band Photo

Not find what you are looking for?

If your favorite band 80's Metal Band is not listed at left, but would like to find a Christian alternative, contact us.

Another resource is http://www.heavensmetal.com. They have an exhausitve list of all (not just 80's) Christian Metal. However, the categories help you find the 80's Metal. Then you can search ebay or go to the band/s homepage. Also, wikipedia's' List_of_Christian_metal_bands lists all Christian metal bands and genre. On either of these sites, if you see the same genres as above, it is probably 80's Christian metal. Also, you can read reviews of Christian Metal , or view the 80's section of Chronological History of Christian Metal. Just to be sure, it s best to search youtube for the band and album name first though, if you want to keep it 80's. If you want to go beyond the 80's sound, you can broaden your horizons to all Christian Metal.

80's Christian Metal Band Photo

Don't like the LIKE Chart?

This is an open-source chart, meaning that it is a beginning, and is intended to be a collaborative effort accross Metaleros. In this first draft, the first column reminds me of the 2nd column -and only in the 80's and early 90's. Sure, bands change over time. If you would like to edit this chart, send me your edited copy.

80's Christian Metal Band Photo


Attention Metaleros! Now is the time to send in your CD's if you want them reviewed on 80's Christian Metal.com. You can be one of the first reviews up on the new reviews page. Contact us to send us the Albums that you want us to review. Tell us what albums you want to send first. It is ok if it is new, it just needs to be 80's Christian Metal!

We also plan to have contests and awards. Let us know what you think the criteria for judging an 80's Christian Metal should be. Some of the more interesting criteria for album suggested so far are "machismo" and "shred quotient". Shred quotient is a calculated value, derived from multiplying the number of guitar solos by the length of the guitar solos, and then dividing by the number of songs, divided by average length of each song. This is the secret science of 80's Christian Metalology. 80's Christian Metalologist Dr. Robert Von Boanerges has created an 80's Christian Metal Lyric Generator, to open the wonder of writing 80's Christian Metal lyrics to all. Give it a try! You'll be smiling like the guy in the fur cape (member of Saint) in the photo at left.

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80's Christian Metal Tour Bus

Add a 80's Christian Metal Tour Bus Stop!

Should the 80's Christian Metal Bus should stop by your town or city? Let us know! Tell us the name of all the 80's Christian Metal Bands you would pay to see if they toured in your city. Tell us, and tell your friends to do the same. If there are enough fans in the area, we'll tell the bands' tour bus to stop by!

Christian 80's Metal Radio

You will hear a brief ad followed by hours of ad-free 80's Christian Metal.

Featured Radio Station: Christian Armor Radio

Christian Armor Radio -Christian rock and metal from the 80's and 90's - Tourniquet, Whitecross, Holy Soldier, Idle Cure, Bride, David Zaffiro, Stryper, Whiteheart, Guardian, Deliverance, Barren Cross, Liaison, One Bad Pig, Novella, Neon Cross, Mastedon, Bloodgood & The Brave.

Featured Radio Station: The White Metal Show

The White Metal Show - This station can counterbalance the occasional lightness of Christian Armor Radio, but watch out for the Death Metal!

Heavy Metal from Christian point of view. All styles All Era's Ultimatum, Saint, Deliverance, Faith Factor, Rob Rock, Jacob's Dream, Barren Cross, Bloodgood.... Heavy Metal Madness!

More News

Rob Rock Voice Of Melodic Metal Out of Stock Rob Rock Voice of Melodic Metal Live DVD's Now Available!
2. 10.2010
Rob's band for the ProgPower concert consists of the following musicians:
CJ Grimmark (Narnia) - Guitar
Andreas Passmark (Divinefire, Narnia) - Bass
Peter Halgren - Guitar
Tracy Shell - Drums

Image80's Christian Metal.com Launched!
4. 1.2010
Launched on Schedule!

80's Christian Metal Band Photo

Join the Party!

80sChristianMetal.com was created for Metalheads who are looking for an alternative to Satanic, vulgar, or otherwise non-Christian metal lyrics filling thier Metal heads. However, as occured in the 80's, Christian 80's Metal is gaining popularity among people of other religions, and non-religious people as well. Whether it is the positive message, clear singing and vocals, songwriting, or abundant and long guitar-solos, Christian 80's Metal is so missed that retro is back in style! Everybody is welcome, so turn it up, and feast your ears on some scortchin tunes!