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80's Christian Metal Lyric Generator (Beta)

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The internet's only 80's Metal Lyric Generator (or 80's Metal Lyric Generator, or Christian Lyric Generator... for that matter...)


  1. Select one word per column.
  2. Read the blue words back to yourself.
  3. Enjoy your lyric.

Bring your Lyrics to life!

Recording Studio with Keyboard and Monitor at the 80's Christian Metal Generator Lab Do you like your lyrics? Type them into this form. Then you can send them to us, and we will have Dr. Boanerges & friends make a real 80's Christian Metal song out of your lyrics. That's right, you can write your very own 80's Christian Metal song. You write the lyrics, we produce it. It's that simple! Contact the Lab for more details about pricing.

Keeping the Shred Alive in 2010

Drummer Looking Through GlassAt Engineer At Mixing Board at the 80's Christian Metal Generator Lab Dr. Von Boanerges has joined forces with hit 80's Christian Metal sensation Lion Heart, fronted by Robby Von Boanerges, to produce 80's Christian metal in this Millenium. In this Lab, we are all 80's Metal, all the time. Check their two new songs before their new album, "Wings of Fire and Ice" makes a huge crash landing at record stores and the intenet. You heard it first right here on 80's Christian! In good 80's Metal tradition, LionHeart is releasing 2 songs: both an Anthem and a Ballad. Click on the song names below to listen to their mP3.
  1. Prayer Warrior - Anthem
  2. Give, Live, Love- Ballad
With great songs like these, and the internets only 80's Christian Metal Lyric Generator, just think of how well this Lab can bring your lyrics to life. Together, we could create a monster ballad!


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Also, let us know what, if any,
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